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The Keys To Dazzle With Your Facebook page

by Uneeb Khan

“Not everything is lost.” With this hopeful phrase, I open a subject that is increasingly worrying companies and brands: the Facebook page and its effectiveness. The concern comes from the continuous change in the algorithm of this social network and how (thanks to said change) it is increasingly “forced” to invest money so that FB publications and ads acquire more visibility before users.

Many people I know have thrown in the towel regarding such economic pressure that Facebook is trying to impose on the companies present on its platform. There are already those who give up, given the impossibility of affording it and leaving the network of networks.

Of course! If your content does not meet expectations and does not reach the target it has to reach, what do you have left?

I understand. I am aware of this concern, but as I always tell my clients, ” If so-and-so jumps out the window, do you too?”

I am one of those who believe that with a good social media plan, you can stand out on the walls of users without having to invest large fortunes.

Call me crazy, naive, and dreamy! But I firmly believe in planning a social media strategy and its results.

So, what can be done to stand out without leaving the “fourths”? Well, first and foremost, have properly adapted the Facebook page of your company or brand.

Keys to having an effective Facebook page

And since I am a “little angel,” and I like to contribute things with which to help, here I bring you a series of tips that will come in handy.

Feature a video

Videos are being greatly promoted on Facebook and almost on any social network. It is the potential of videos as information channels for a company. If you are not yet involved in this “world,” do not wait for the rice to pass.

Start creating interesting videos for your target audience and upload them to your YouTube channel (and I say YouTube because then the positioning is appreciated). I use FlexClip a lot for short video creation on social networks with help of video editing tools. This tool may help you with your template.

Then, include them on your fan page and highlight one above the rest (perhaps the one that best defines what your brand can bring to the consumer or client). Thus, said content will be more attractive and easier to share throughout the world.

Customize the “Call To Action” button

Also called a “call to action” button, it is one of the options that Facebook implemented on company pages not long ago, and that is why you have to make the most of it.

The interesting spot about this button is that it is in the most visible area of the page, right in the center of the cover image. If we manage it well and customize it, always based on our objective and business sector, we can get many more clicks than a few months ago.

We can assign several options to this button: Reserve, Contact us, Use application, Play, Register, and Watch the video.

You already know that this last one comes in relation to the previous point, right? We just have to select the most appropriate and indicate the destination URLs. Afterward, we can check its effectiveness in the administrator panel by seeing how many clicks it has obtained.

Create an offer

Along with the options that Facebook offers us when publishing content (Status or Photo/video), we find one called “Offer, Event.” If we access it, we can also create exclusive and special offers from the Fan page.

Its customization goes through the creation of the offer. Add a title to it, and write its description.

In addition, you can add a web page to redeem the offer or refer them to the physical establishment’s website, where you can establish the terms of use. Great, don’t you think?

Add your Youtube channel

As I said before, the importance of video is scandalous on most social networks, and I urged you to include these videos on your Facebook page. But what if we better include the entire YouTube channel? This will give us an extra presence and better SEO.

To do this, you have to download the free YouTube Tab app, with which you can include a tab with your channel, and without having to update any aspect, the updates will appear automatically.

It should also be noted that the last video uploaded to a said channel will appear as featured (excuse the redundancy), so it is important that you select the one that suits you best for this purpose.

The contact form

Another feature that will make your fan page irresistible (compared to others) is the placement of a contact form. But if you have already used the “Call To Action” button for another purpose and you cannot put it through this system, here is a good solution.

It is a tab that, through the Contact Tab application, will put the contact information in the form of a banner (yes, if you handle HTML or CSS). You also need to put a presentation text and all the important information that you consider necessary, from the contact telephone number, the postal address, and the mail to the icons of other social networks.


Well, these 5 tips are quite effective in making your Facebook page look much more complete, accessible, and well built so that you will make a difference.

If you manage to make your fan page stand out, why not do it with your content?

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