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Top 10 Technical AI Skills to Get AI Jobs in 2024

by Uneeb Khan

The growing AI sector is expected to expand constantly as it continues to revolutionize numerous industries and everyday life. According to Fortune Business Insights, the AI market across the globe is projected to reach a value of £360 billion by 2028. This figure shows the demand for professionals equipped with in-demand artificial intelligence skills continues to rise.

Curious to know what key technical skills you will need to land a dream job in the booming AI sector? Keep scrolling as this post enlists the top skills AI experts will need in 2024.

What are AI Skills?

These are the expertise that AI professionals need to build, execute, and manage AI-powered systems and applications. Developing the necessary skills is essential to hold a set of opportunities in the respective field. Although AI will not be a substitute for humans, professionals need to polish specific skills to adopt advanced AI technologies and applications in their domain. 

Top Technical AI Skills to Learn in 2024

1. Programming languages

Understanding programming languages is important to developing AI algorithms, data manipulation, and AI model deployment. R, Python, C++, Java, and JavaScript are the widely used programming languages in an AI career. Proficiency in these programming languages is primarily worthy for computer vision engineers, algorithm developers, machine learning (ML) engineers, AI software developers, and NLP engineers.  

2. Machine Learning

Machine learning is a branch of computer science and artificial intelligence that includes the majority of AI software. Statista projects the machine learning market size to reach USD 204.30 billion in 2024. This increasing growth will lead to higher demand for professionals in this domain. Learning ML techniques like deep learning, supervised and unsupervised learning, and neural networks help know and adapt systems based on new situations.  

3. Deep Learning

It is a subbranch of data science and ML which considers how humans develop knowhow. It encompasses a huge amount of unorganized data to process and get important insights.   

4. Natural language processing (NLP)

It is another crucial skill for AI experts to manage interactions between humans and computers based on natural language for relevant outcomes. The NLP market is anticipated to reach USD 29.19 billion in 2024, as reported by Statista.

After learning NLP techniques, you can easily develop applications that comprehend, interpret, and communicate with human language. Sentiment analysis, tokenization, semantic analysis, and parsing are important NLP components. NLP is used in numerous applications like virtual assistants, language translation, chatbots, etc.

5. Data modeling and analytics

The increasing use of AI applications in numerous sectors is resulting in a rising demand for data modeling. Understanding AI skills in data modeling and analytics is important because AI algorithms depend on structured and high-quality data for excellent learning and effective decisions. Data modeling and analytics include gathering, cleaning, and interpreting data for data-driven decision-making and precise AI model development.  

6. Mathematics and statistics

These are the must-have skillsfor problem-solving, reasoning, innovation, pattern recognition, and growth in various AI jobs. It assists with easier understanding and optimization of artificial intelligence algorithms. Learn important concepts like calculus, linear algebra, and probability theory to grasp the inner workings of various AI models.  

7. Data Science

It is a multidisciplinary approach that includes studying data to obtain meaningful information for businesses. It features practices and principles from AI, statistics, computer engineering, and mathematics to analyze the huge amount of unstructured and raw data. Learning data science helps in data-driven decision-making and predictive analysis in education, finance, healthcare, and other industries.

8. Neural networks

Neural networks, the predefined group of algorithms, play a pivotal role in learning deep learning and ML skills. Gaining knowledge of neural networks helps in easier implementation and deployment of ML models by making machines work like the human brain.

9. AI chatbots

These are the AI applications that use NLP to respond to customers’ queries. AI chatbots are being used on multiple platforms to allow easier user interaction with applications. For example, response creation, messaging, task automation, etc.

10. Libraries and frameworks

A good understanding of AI libraries and frameworks streamlines the development, training, and deployment of ML models. AI libraries and frameworks provide integrated functions and structures that speed up the development process. PyTorch and TensorFlow are widely used open-source frameworks that most businesses prioritize to improve the efficiency of their AI solutions.   

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AI is one of the most trending technologies that is constantly reforming everyday lives and workplaces. Nowadays, most big companies of almost all types are building advanced AI tools and implementing updated AI trends into their business culture. Thus, if you don’t want to get left behind, take the next step in your career by developing the above-mentioned technical AI skills.  

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