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Troubleshooting Tips to Fix Victony Extender Not Working Issue

by Uneeb Khan

Have you lately fallen a victim to the Victony WiFi extender not working issue? Well, a lot of users who have done Victony WiFi extender setup in their houses have registered the same complaint. Considering all of them, this post has come up with the idea of troubleshooting this issue. So, be patient and read on. However, reading them only won’t help you resolve the problem; you also have to implement them in real-time.

Fixed: Victony Extender Not Working

  1. Power Cycle Your Victony Extender

Do you find the term power cycle fancy? Well, it involves the rebooting of the Victony extender. We are recommending this as the first troubleshooting technique because it can be implemented without making any effort. Additionally, it is known to resolve technical glitches. Who knows the extender might be ceasing to work due to technical glitches.

So, without wasting more time, take the extender unit out from the power outlet that has been provided with the responsibility of supplying electricity to the extender. Let your extender have some quality time with itself. Till then, you have to wait patiently. Once enough time has been given to the range extender, connect it back to the power socket. Now, see to it whether power cycling the Victony extender manages to put it back to the work.

  1. Rectify the Extender-Router Connection

In many stances, the Victony extender gives hard times to the user due to its non-working state because of a weak connection between WiFi devices. Perhaps, you are having the same luck as such a user. Thus, you have to eliminate the factor causing the extender-router connection to become weak.

Are you fond of using cables for the connection? If yes, then you might have connected your extender to the host router by making use of the Ethernet cable. But, did you check its physical condition before assigning the heavy task of direct extender-router communication? Probably not! Thus, check it now. If any cuts are there, discard the Ethernet cable by putting a new one to use. However, if you have connected your devices via a wireless medium, you need to bring them a little closer. But, do take care of the fact that too less distance can cause a clash of WiFi signals of both devices. Thus, they are not supposed to cling to each other.

  1. Do the Extender Placement Correctly

After installing the extender by accessing the Victony login page, it is advised that the user take the extender to a new location so that dead zones can be charred. It seems that you followed the same advice but incomplete. The advice is not only about the relocation of the range extender. It clearly says that the extender needs to be placed in a zero-interference zone.

Now, let’s talk about what a zero interference zone is. So, any area that does not shelter devices and appliances like microwave ovens, refrigerators, televisions, baby monitors, Bluetooth speakers, etc. is considered zero or no interference zone. Apart from these devices, a zone with zero interference ought to be free of reflexive surfaces like mirrors, glasses, lenses; and objects containing a large amount of water like geysers, fish tanks, etc.

Quick Tip: The Victony WiFi extender might also be not able to work because of no service from the end of the internet service provider. Therefore, make things clear by contacting him. If there’s a problem, ask him to fix it and keep your calm meanwhile.

  1. Reset the Extender

Did none of the tips mentioned above help to reap the positive outcome? Well, this might happen if you haven’t completed the extender’s installation process or might have done the setup process inaccurately. Therefore, you are supposed to reset the extender in that case.

Attention! Resetting the device will deprive you of every setting that you’ve assigned to your extender as per your wish. Therefore, be ready to install your extender from scratch right after uninstalling it. You can refer to the guidelines in the user manual to get knowledge on how to reset Victony WiFi extender 

The Concluding Thought

With this last hack, we are putting a full stop to the post revealing secret tips to rid you of the Victony WiFi extender not working issue. Anticipating that they have worked in your favor. If they do, then do share your feedback in the comment section. We will be glad to know them.

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