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Types of Tradeshow Exhibit Displays

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Exhibiting at a trade show can help you get new leads, sell your products or services and even meet potential partners. It’s a great way to showcase new product launches, find new distribution channels and meet essential industry players.

Pop-up Displays

Pop-up exhibits are one of the best ways to promote your business at tradeshows and events. They are flexible and can be customized to fit your logo, theme, and exhibition objectives. Additionally, pop-up exhibits are easy to assemble and store. They are compact and can be transported on flights, making them a practical choice for any event. There are tradeshow exhibit companies that can assist you with the designs.

Pop-up exhibits come in various sizes, allowing you to customize your booth space. For example, you can choose a 10′ x 10′ pop-up display or a 20′ x 40′ pop-up exhibit. You can even customize your pop-up display by adding lights and graphics.

Cross-Aisle Booths

A cross-aisle booth is one of the most popular booths at tradeshows. It runs perpendicular to the central aisle so it can be easily spotted from afar. The best part of this booth type is that you can advertise your brand at various heights. For example, you can place your company name in an overhead header, so event attendees can quickly identify you.

A cross-aisle booth has three sides and is often used with a corner booth for maximum exposure. It is often called a build-and-burn booth. The main difference between a corner booth and a cross-aisle booth is that a corner booth offers exposure to two aisles. On the other hand, an island exhibit has galleries on all four sides.

Reconfigurable Booths

Reconfigurable booths are ideal for a wide range of exhibit spaces. They have straight edges, built-in puck lights, and are easy to reconfigure. In addition, the modular design of these displays allows you to build larger or smaller booths without buying extra parts or packaging. You can also add fabric banners to customize the look.

You can look for SEO companies West Palm Beach to get you new leads. You can also use the tradeshow exhibits to create a modular tradeshow design, which allows you to customize the look of your booth while also maximizing the amount of space available.

Inline Booths

An inline booth is an excellent way to promote your business without paying for a large booth. This booth type is typically tiny and convenient, so it is ideal for companies with a minimal budget. These booths can also hold product displays, promotional tools, and small tables and chairs.

Inline booths are commonly found in exhibit halls. They are rows of booths arranged side by side or back to back. This allows exhibitors to maximize their space and interact with their neighboring booths. Inline booths are the most affordable type of booth setup. They typically have three structural sides and a fourth side that faces the aisle.

Inline booths can be smaller or larger than their counterparts. The width of an inline booth is generally 10 feet. However, some venues have height restrictions that vary by platform.

Off-the-shelf Options

Off-the-shelf options for your tradeshow exhibit displays can help you create an eye-catching display without breaking the bank. Modular designs are easy to assemble and reconfigure to fit various spaces. You can also add accessories to customize your collection.

Modular systems come in different styles, including hybrid modular systems. Modular exhibits are designed to last for years and are reusable by companies attending trade shows. This makes them an affordable choice when compared to custom booths. In addition, some truss systems offer lifetime warranties on their hardware and truss parts.

When choosing a tradeshow exhibit display, remember your budget and objectives. The proper tradeshow display can be your business’s most cost-effective and practical solution. Consider the design of your tradeshow display to ensure it projects the right image of your company.

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