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What are WordPress User Roles: Types, Functions, Privileges and Permissions

by Uneeb Khan
WordPress User roles

WordPress is an efficient CMS, created for managing data from different teams. As many people are using it at the same time, a number of user roles are defined in WordPress so that the team can function in harmony without any user disturbing the data or working of any other. There are 5 main user roles in WordPress. Then there is also one bonus user role that is specifically for WordPress Multisite setups.

WordPress User Roles

These are the six main WordPress User Roles.

  • Admin
  • Contributor
  • Moderator
  • Author
  • Editor
  • Super Admin

Now let us look into the privileges and permissions assigned to each WordPress User Role.


Definition: Administrators have full control over the WordPress site. They can manage all aspects of the website, including content, users, plugins, themes, and settings.
Function: Administrators can create, edit, and delete posts and pages, install and manage plugins and themes, change site settings, manage other users, and perform any administrative task.
Permissions: They have complete access and control over everything on the site, including user management and site configuration.


Definition: Contributors can write and edit their own posts, but they cannot publish them. Instead, they can submit their work for review.
Function: Contributors focus on content creation. They write articles and submit them for review by editors or administrators.
Permissions: Contributors can’t publish or edit other users’ content, access site settings, or manage other users.


Definition: Editors can create, edit, and publish their own content as well as content created by other users. They primarily focus on content management and quality.
Function: Editors review and approve content submitted by authors, manage categories and tags, and can moderate comments.
Permissions: Editors can’t access site settings, plugins, or themes. They have control over content but not site configuration.


Definition: Authors can create, edit, and publish their own posts. They have limited control over their own content.
Function: Authors write and manage their articles, including uploading media. They can also moderate their own comments.
Permissions: Authors can’t edit or publish content created by other users, and they have no access to site settings or user management.


Definition: Subscribers have the most limited role. They can only manage their own profiles and subscribe to updates from the site.
Function: Subscribers can edit their profiles, change passwords, and comment on posts.
Permissions: Subscribers have no access to content creation, site settings, or user management.

Super Admin

Definition: The Super Admin is the highest level of user role in a WordPress Multisite network. This role is responsible for managing the entire network of sites and has full control over all aspects of the network, including site creation, management, and configuration.

Function: The Super Admin role primarily functions to oversee and administer the entire WordPress Multisite network.

Permissions: Super Admins have nearly unrestricted access and control over the entire WordPress Multisite network. Their permissions include:

  • Full control over network settings and configuration.
  • Full control over all sites within the network, including content, users, and settings.
  • The ability to install, activate, and deactivate plugins and themes for the entire network.
  • The ability to create and delete sites within the network.
  • The ability to manage users and assign roles across all sites.

It’s crucial to assign appropriate roles to users to ensure that they have the necessary access to perform their tasks while maintaining security and control over your WordPress site. Always be cautious when granting higher-level roles like Administrator, as they have the most significant control and can make substantial changes to your site.

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