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What Happens When You Sharpen an Image?

by Uneeb Khan

Several different types of sharpening techniques are designed to improve your photos in several ways. These methods include adding edge contrast, removing glare, and enhancing details. While they are not meant to replace the ideal image, they can enhance the overall sharpness of an image.

Adding edge contrast

When sharpening an image, you can add edge contrast by reducing the opacity of the unsharp layer. Adding contrast to the edges of an image makes the edges more visible. The amount you choose will determine the amount of edge contrast added. The image will look over-sharpened if you set the image sharpener too high.

When sharpening an image, the value you choose should be between 100 and 200%. Next, drop the radius to 0.1 and increase the value until you get the edge contrast you want. After that, check the flat areas of the image to remove noise. Sharpening an image can result in a lot of noise, so reduce the noise in the original image before sharpening.

Sharpening can be a simple process. First, you select the starting parameters, then revise them. When you finish, you should save the new settings with a new name. Then choose the new settings to apply to sharpen. Finally, you will be asked to confirm your choice.

Removing glare

One way to remove glare from a photo is to sharpen it. Sharpening an image automatically removes glare and improves portrait photos. The software has many tools and features to improve an image, and the glare removal process is very easy. First, you need to add your photo to the library. Next, use the “Adjust Tone” button to adjust the overall tone of the photo.

Sharpening an image improves clarity by enhancing the edges of objects in the image. However, it’s important not to overdo it, as it will make the image look grainy or pixelated.

Enhancing details

When sharpening an image, you can enhance the details by increasing the sharpness of certain parts. While a sharpened image may not recreate an ideal image, it can make the image’s edges appear sharper and the subject more focused. The amount and radius of the sharpening filter are important factors. A low radius will improve the details in small areas, while a large radius will enhance finer details.

Sharp images look amazing when placed in the right areas of an image. For example, a picture of a cloudy sky would look gloomy if the clouds were sharp. On the other hand, a picture of a soft stratus cloud on an overcast day would look unnatural if it were sharpened. This happens because people subconsciously determine what looks right and what looks wrong. The improper sharpening can reveal existing noise in an image or create white lines around objects.

Removing blurring

It is possible to recover the detail in an image distorted by blurring. If you don’t know how to sharpen an image properly, the first step is to analyze your photo and select the proper deblur mode. This mode allows you to recover the details in your photo on your own, and you can use a masking tool to focus on the specific areas that need the most attention.

The blur radius controls the amount of blurring. A small value will only affect pixels in the immediate neighborhood of a pixel. A large value will cause an image to appear fuzzy and produce shadow and highlighting effects.

Reducing brightness variance

By using the curves adjustment layer, you can reduce brightness variance when sharpening an image in Photoshop. This layer lets you adjust the image’s brightness, contrast, and hue. A small adjustment in these settings can significantly affect the sharpening. The threshold value sets the minimum brightness variance before the image is oversharpened.

Generally, oversharpening an image can create false details. Brightfield color images may have anatomical features that are not present. Fluorescent images may appear bright in areas that are not. This can lead to false experimental evidence.


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