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When Can You Handle Your Claims?

by Uneeb Khan

Are personal injury attorneys necessary in all cases? Simple injury claims are sometimes handled without a lawyer to save money, but major situations can benefit from a lawyer’s experience and knowledge.

Personal injury lawsuits span a wide range of circumstances and accident kinds. You could have suffered harm due to a road accident, a slip and fall on someone else’s property, or a dog bite from a neighbor. All these are regarded as personal injuries, and the severity of your harm can significantly impact how your claim is handled.

In rare circumstances, you might be able to handle a claim against the at-fault party on your own through small claims court or insurance. On other occasions, you might wish to seek legal counsel and guidance from an accident attorney in Alaska. Everything depends on how severe your injuries are and the accident’s cause.

You Can Handle it on Your Own

Knowing what you are capable of and what is at stake if you conduct your case improperly is crucial because filing a claim alone only to contact a lawyer afterward may complicate the claim process. If you are uncertain how to navigate the claim process, consider speaking with a lawyer as soon as possible to schedule a consultation and see whether hiring one is worthwhile.

Situations you could handle on your own without an attorney are:

If you were not hurt or only had minor injuries in an accident

Injuries sustained in motor accidents are one of the most frequent cases. If someone rear-ends you slowly, your car can sustain minor damage. A few trips to the doctor may be necessary due to the injuries you sustain. 

Claiming with your insurer or the at-fault party’s insurance will frequently be effective and provide enough money to pay for the cost of your vehicle’s repair and any necessary medical care resulting from the crash. If that is the situation and you are happy with the insurance claim’s coverage and assistance, you might not need to contact a lawyer or look for additional legal counsel.

If You are a No-Fault State Resident

If your injuries do not reach a certain threshold, you cannot sue under the no-fault laws or determine your injuries’ nature or the cost of treating them, depending on your residence. Hiring a lawyer for minor injuries may not be necessary here because you are only permitted to recover damages from your personal injury insurance in a no-fault claim. A lawyer is a good idea, though, if there is a chance that your injuries could be considered “serious” enough to exempt you from the no-fault system.

If you have already gotten the highest amount possible

Insurers will pay only the coverage limits. This means that even if you receive a more significant verdict, it might not be helpful if the negligent person who injured you has a $100,000 maximum insurance policy. You have only been offered a $100,000 settlement. Any sum over the insurer’s offer could be recouped directly from the defendant. 

If the at-fault party owns assets or money, pursuing further compensation might be worthwhile if you feel you are entitled to it. Accepting the settlement is likely the wisest action if the defendant has few assets.

If you are certain that you can negotiate with an adjuster effectively

If you are confident enough to negotiate with your insurance adjuster to reach an agreement and arrive at a settlement amount you believe you deserve, you would not necessarily need a lawyer’s advice and representation. Suppose you take the defendant to Small Claims Court for your case. In that case, you can represent yourself if you are certain of the pieces of evidence you gathered and your understanding of the legal procedure.

If you feel at ease studying the legal system and dispute resolution

Some laws are easy to understand, while you must retain a lawyer to help you understand the provisions of others. If you face charges for petty crimes, you could face the judge and navigate the California justice system alone. Be sure to educate yourself on the most crucial topics, such as guilt and negligence, state legislation that may apply to your lawsuit, and the amount of compensation you deserve for various damages.

These brief samples and questions show how quickly a personal injury suit can be easily maneuvered. While you could handle the case alone, you have the right to seek legal advice and, if you so choose, to have an attorney represent you if you are harmed in an accident and interact with an insurance company or another private entity directly regarding your claim.

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