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When God already knows what I need, why pray?

by Uneeb Khan

Pay close attention to this article if you are one of the wives who is sincere about wanting your prayers answered regarding latinfeels.com login your marriage. When already knows what you need, we will explain why you should pray.

The main takeaway from this is: Even though knows exactly what you want, pray!

It is true that God is aware of your desires, prayers, and aspirations.

But here’s the key you need to know: Praying shows Lovinga.com how much you rely on .

What aspect of this explanation is most significant?


Be aware that is your ultimate source no matter what, so when you pray to God, you do many things:

Create a connection with God, show Him how humble you are as you approach Him, demonstrate your complete dependence on Him, and send a message to the adversary that you are proactive about your relationship with God and that you remind him that he is defeated.

This is something that every married woman needs to know because if you don’t pray to God, your situation might not change or get worse.

Also, if you don’t pray, you put yourself LetmeDate in a dangerous situation where the enemy could attack you hard. Additionally, not praying further separates you from God.

You should absolutely discuss your feelings and talk to at this point. Tell Him why you have trouble praying.

Lastly, seek assistance from an effective prayer partner.

I have been there, so I understand how you feel.

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