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Which Type of Mandir is Good for Home?

by Uneeb Khan

Pooja Mandir or Mandir (also called the Temple of God) is where Hindus carry out Pooja or prayers to one or more deities and are an essential part of Hindu culture, tradition, and daily life.

A Mandir is more than just a place to pray; it’s also home to images of the deities that represent various aspects of the divine. There are many types of Pooja Mandirs available, but each has its own special significance in terms of design and construction.

So what should you consider when choosing which type of mandir will be best suited for your home?
Let’s look at some popular options and considerations before buying a mandir for your home.


When you decide which type of mandir to purchase, one factor should rise above all others: size. How much space do you have?

The size of your home is important when determining which type of mandir would work best. If there’s not enough room, a small, cute, and portable altar will do just fine; they’re smaller than traditional models and require little more than some open floor space to store them in between ceremonies.

For a permanent fixture, custom-made or wooden pooja mandirs can work. They are usually large pieces that can stand as tall as five feet. They’re often intricately carved with gods and goddesses along every surface, giving off a feeling of holiness wherever they reside.

Keep in mind that bigger isn’t always better—it depends on what looks and feels you want to achieve with your home. Even if you choose a small wooden pooja mandir, it doesn’t mean you’re limited in design options. You can still find plenty of intricate carvings adorning their surfaces, including statues depicting various Hindu deities like Shiva and Vishnu.


Before you begin your search, you should ask yourself why you want a mandir in your home. If you feel like there’s not enough energy or spirituality in your home, then focus on redecorating before shopping for a mandir.

Make sure that there are some spiritually uplifting aspects to wherever you place it, whether that be near a window with sunlight or near a special plant.

If, on the other hand, you want to have something aesthetically pleasing in your home that reflects who you are and what you believe, then any type of mandir will suffice to your preferences and home architecture.

Hindus consider pooja mandirs sacred and thus refrain from using them for anything else once they’ve been used for worship. This means that unless you intend to devote part of your home solely to Hindu practices, choose a wooden pooja mandir over another material as it emphasizes traditional values.

However, you should consider a few things before buying a mandir for your home.


Before you buy a pooja mandir, there are certain things to take into consideration. The biggest difference between contemporary and traditional-style homes is simple: space.

In modern or traditional homes, these may be freestanding units in a separate room, but in smaller homes, they might just be put on walls, making them very easy to install.

A wall-hanging mandir can either have a hollow cavity inside it, which will allow it to float, or it can be fixed onto the wall with fixtures depending on what kind of material you want your pooja temple made out of.

Contemporary styled temples have intricate detailing with glass mosaics that depict deities from Hindu mythology. They usually have different styles available; you can pick one that’s customized to fit your needs and decor.

Traditional style mandirs are usually made of wood and are carved in elaborate detail. They are designed according to different styles and designs. These designs range from large-scale murals depicting gods and goddesses to minute details like peacock feathers adorning their hair.

The most important thing about buying a mandir is that it should suit your home’s design and religious preferences. You should consider which style will fit your home best and whether or not you have enough space for pooja mandirs in your home. Consider these points before making a purchase, and hope your new mandir will bring you peace, prosperity, and good fortune!

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