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How To Keep Your Lab Grown Diamonds Shining Bright?

by Uneeb Khan
How To Keep Your Lab Grown Diamonds Shining Bright

Lab grown diamonds becoming more and more popular every day, but many people not aware of how to keep their lab-grown diamonds shining bright. While most natural diamonds cleaned using conventional jewelry cleaning fluids and methods, lab-grown diamonds require a few extra steps to ensure that they stay clean and sparkly over time. Here are some tips on how to keep your lab-grown diamond jewelry sparkling year after year!

Get a Jewelry Box

A good place to start a jewelry box or bag. The National Institute of Standards and Technology says that these materials will help keep your diamonds clean: leather, velvet, cotton, linen, nylon, and silk. Most jewelry stores small boxes and cloth bags that you use for storage. If you plan on purchasing a Lab-Grown diamond ring or earrings for an engagement or other special occasion make sure to purchase an airtight lockable jewelry box. Jewelry thieves are attracted to shiny objects just like ants are attracted to food so it’s best to keep them in a safe place away from prying eyes.

Avoid Contact With Water and Chemicals

Try to avoid getting your Lab Grown Diamond jewelry wet or soaking it in chemicals. When you take a shower, wipe your diamond jewelry with a soft cloth instead of letting it get wet. And when cleaning the house, use cold water to rinse off dirt and dust from your Lab Grown Diamond jewelry rather than using warm or hot water. This will help prevent temperature shock that can cause your diamonds to crack over time.

Clean Jewelry with the Right Materials

The best materials for cleaning Lab Grown Diamond Jewelry are those that are non-abrasive, such as cotton or microfiber cloth. These types of cloth can clean dirt and particles from your jewelry while also polishing it to a shine. Cleaning diamonds, in particular, is a sensitive process. When you’re wearing Lab Grown Diamond Jewelry, it’s important not to use substances that could damage their surface. Be sure to read all labels carefully before using anything on your jewelry. Here  some tips on caring for Lab-Grown diamonds.

Store in Airtight Containers

Keeping your Lab Grown Diamond jewelry in airtight containers will keep them from getting damaged. The best way to store your Lab Grown Diamond rings to put them in individual ziplock bags. If you going to be storing or keeping your jewelry for an extended period, it is good practice to add a few drops of neutral non-toxic oil inside each bag as well. This prevent your Lab Grown Diamond pieces from scratching one another while they sit together in storage. Make sure that whatever material you use that it not dusty as dust can clog up prongs and affect the overall look of your Lab Grown Diamond Jewelry. For example, diamond jewelry cleaner and polish can easily solve the problem!

Protect from Heat, Humidity, Cold, and Air

First and foremost, avoid exposing your lab-grown diamonds to extreme heat, humidity, or cold. That means no saunas, steam rooms, or hot tubs with your new jewelry on! Also, keeping it away from air – in a jewelry box or safe when not in use do fine. Lab-grown diamonds typically treated to resist scratching and yellowing over time (more on that below) but direct exposure to these elements can still damage them. Only wear lab-grown diamonds when you want to – you don’t need to flaunt them every day! If you’re interested in preserving their brilliance, try applying some anti-tarnish coating like Forever Brilliant® before storing them for long periods.

Find Lab Grown Diamond Jewelry

While there are many different options available, one of your best bets is to search on eBay or Amazon. You’ll find several third-party retailers selling Lab Grown Diamond Rings in a range of price points and styles. Just be sure double check all return policies before you commit! Once you’ve identified a seller, take some time to read through product reviews from other buyers; you want to make sure that you’re purchasing from someone reputable and that others are happy with their purchases. Otherwise, it’s easy for Lab Grown Diamond jewelry to get damaged over time. As such, learning how to properly clean and care for your rings is important! These steps should keep lab-grown diamonds shining bright for years

Choose Attractive Lab Grown Diamond Rings

There are many choices available to you. Cut weight is an all-important factor to consider when making your selection. Some general rules of thumb include: choose a cut that showcases as much of your diamond’s brilliance as possible; only buy a diamond if it’s certified by a reputable third party; diamonds with higher clarity scores will always be more expensive than those with lower scores, and white-colored diamonds are graded on a scale from D-Z with D being dead white and Z being light yellow tinted. Regardless of how you choose to select your gems, it is important to stay away from colored lab grown diamonds unless they are in pink hues because they aren’t naturally occurring like their mined counterparts.

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