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Why Is Infrastructure An Important Point When Selecting The Best International Schools In Bangalore?

by Uneeb Khan
Why Is Infrastructure An Important Point When Selecting The Best International Schools In Bangalore?

Have you ever wondered why children don’t like going to school? Well, most of the time they don’t find the place attractive enough to explore, and hence there is less motivation for them to be excited about going to school. This affects their attendance as well as their academics. 

The main reason behind the school not being as exciting as they want it to be is because of the less creative Infrastructure. Having said that, the top schools in Bangalore have designed their campuses in a way that excites the students to attend school. 

It is said that somebody who wants to study can study from anywhere. However, for kids, the reality is that when their surroundings are attractive and positive, they have the enthusiasm and curiosity that eventually improves their ability to learn and perform.

Why Is It Important For A School To Have A Good Infrastructure?

  • In addition to fostering the ideal environment for kids, effective infrastructure also inspires teachers to teach better. Teachers require a motivating setting to transfer knowledge to the students. Good infrastructure largely ensures that.
  • Designing educational infrastructure in a way that improves accessibility and educational delivery efficacy is crucial. 
  • Schools have to establish a setting that promotes learning while also paying close attention to the kids’ physical and mental health. Every student should have access to a learning environment where they can pick up the knowledge and skills they need to grow up as responsible adults. 
  • Surveys and research studies show that drop-out rates are significantly lower in schools that offer students superior amenities. It is very likely for the students and parents to change schools for a good environment and infrastructure. 
  • Keeping the last two years of the pandemic in mind, the health concerns of the students need to be prioritised. Schools with good infrastructure usually put better safety measures in place to ensure that students are learning in a secure setting and they feel safe in their learning environment. For instance, a larger classroom set up to have a healthy distance between kids, a larger canteen space; adequate to accommodate students without any commotion, and having all the sanitary measures in place. 
  • Digital learning was a possibility before the pandemic began. Many schools recognized its significance and adopted technology as a component of their ecosystem through smart classrooms and other advancements in IT infrastructure. However, in a world where COVID-19 has had an influence, digital learning is now the only option for schools to continue educating students and a school with adequate infrastructure can smoothly deal with this transition. Also, read about the admission process for class 11.

Infrastructural Needs of Kids in the Best International Schools in Bangalore and everywhere else.

The following are some important items that should be available to kids:

  • A spacious, well-lit, and properly ventilated classroom
  • Libraries and playgrounds
  • Well equipped laboratories
  • Study tables, seats, furnishings, and basic utilities like water, power, etc. Study rooms with adequate sitting arrangements
  • Auditorium or event room
  • Sanitation spaces


A rich library with an adequate collection of books and other educational, entertaining audiovisual resources, combined with a motivating, mood-lifting atmosphere not only draws kids but also fosters a love of learning. Reading books develops the comprehensive skills of students which eventually helps them in future also. The best schools in Bangalore usually have enriching libraries in their school. 


All schools should have and draw benefit from having an auditorium outfitted with the newest multimedia technology to host a variety of educational programs in addition to serving as the perfect stage for student performances.

Athletic Facilities 

A school without having a scope to play and develop sporting skills is perhaps not a good option considering current times. Access to sporting facilities, such as basketball courts, tennis courts, cricket fields, ice rinks, volleyball courts, and indoor games, is currently a necessary component of the infrastructure of any good modern-day school. 

Laboratories  For Science 

Innovations in this day and age necessitate fostering a scientific temperament in kids from an early age. Therefore, well-designed and thoroughly equipped laboratories are necessary for all science subjects, whether it be physics, chemistry, biology, or home science. For this reason, this element is also a crucial element in any checklist for modern school infrastructure.

To solve students’ access issues with the educational system and the burden of academics and to boost their performance, investments in school infrastructure are crucial. Parents need to ensure that kids have access to well-maintained classrooms and study areas if they are to achieve the desired academic outcomes. 

In other words, the state of the school’s infrastructure has a direct bearing on how well the children perform. This becomes one of the main reasons why you need to send your child to a school that has a good infrastructure and gives importance to the infrastructural development from time to time. 

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