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4 BEST Cardano Wallets to Store Your ADA (May 2022)

by Uneeb Khan

Cardano is an innovative blockchain platform that facilitates strong security and supports the development of DApps, structures, and societies. This multi-asset ledger platform with checked smart contracts helps function financial apps utilized by institutions and individuals around the world. ADA, its native token can be used for securing value exchange. For the safety of ADA tokens, users must prefer some top Cardano wallets to entrust to a stake pool for getting rewards. 

There are several Cardano wallets in the market, so it might seem challenging in choosing any of the online ADA wallets that would fulfill your needs in storing your cryptos safely. To help come up with the best choices, we have streamlined some of the best Cardano wallet applications. You won’t find any difficulty in using them, as they are very simple and completely secure. This list will include paid and free apps with their best features and website links. So let us begin with:

Top 4 Cardano wallets for storing ADA securely

Here is a list of some of the top Cardano wallets. 


Trezor is one of the top Cardano wallets to store ADA coins safely. If you are looking for a secure digital solution that can go beyond cryptos and can monitor your funds in a very simple way, then Trezor is the best choice to go with. It is the best hardware wallet where your ADA coins can be stored securely. Be it your smartphone or desktop computer, you can simply plug the Trezor wallet into the either of devices. Trezor helps in generating the pin code that is necessary for the safety of the device. 

Talking about the features of Trezor, this Cardano wallet facilitates robust secured offline storage. More than 1000 currencies are supported by it. Moreover, it is very simple to use and lets you conceal your private key. It provides a color touchscreen. Trezor supports a wide variety of cryptocurrencies including BTC, ETH, HEX, XRP, and more. Trezor is a hardware wallet compatible with macOS 10.8+, Android, Linux, and Windows 10+.  


Coming on to the next is Gemini. It is also one of the best Cardano wallets you can choose from. It is very helpful in legalizing the use of cryptocurrencies around the world. Like Trezor, Gemini is also easy to use. But more than that this software wallet also guarantees safety in building a crypto portfolio. 

It is explored in all the U.S states and 60 countries. Gemini applies to both mobile and web platforms. The software wallet is supportive of more than 70 cryptocurrencies including BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, and of course ADA. It is compatible with Linux and macOS 10.8+, Android, Linux, and Windows 10+. Gemini excels in customer support via chat and email. This Cardano wallet assures security to its users. 


Coming on to another software wallet for storing your ADA coins safely is Cex.io. It is useful in selling and buying cryptocurrency. Plus, it lets people make the best use of their plastic money cards, like MasterCard or Visa Card for depositing funds. This crypto platform adheres to strategies like frequency trading and scalping for securing data and assets. Users can trade United States Dollar for cryptocurrencies like Ripple, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and even ADA. 

Cex.io also guarantees protection against Distributed Denial-of-Service attacks with the provision of complete encrypted data. You don’t have to create an extra account and can practice trading with more than 10x leverage. Cex.io is known to be the best exchange in supporting web and mobile platforms. It also offers reports that can be downloaded showing the history of transactions and real-time balance. 

This Cardano wallet is supportive of a wide variety of cryptocurrencies including Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin, Neo, Monero, Litecoin, and more. The software wallet is supportive of Android and iOS. Like Gemini, it is also best at customer support with email and chat. 


Kraken is ideal for investors who are new and experienced. It provides financial stability via the highest legally compliant standards, full reserves, and bondings. Like exchange, Kraken is concerned with a high-security motive. It lets you purchase and sell crypto assets in just one click. In case you are stuck with some issue, then you can take help from experts who are available at live chat or support team. Checking all the addresses for mistakes is done automatically by Kraken. 

It comes in both hot and cold wallet forms and supports more than 120 cryptocurrencies including ETH, BTC, DOT, DOGE, and also Cardano (ADA). It is available in countries including Europe, South America, Africa, Asia, and North America. Both Android and iOS mobile app users can access this wallet. Regulated by FinCen, Kraken excels in 24/7 customer support via email, live chat, and phone. Security is assured here. 

Final words

So these are the best Cardano wallets you can check out for storing your ADA cryptos safely. Cryptoknowmics is the best leading crypto website to check out for all crypto-related queries, tracking crypto prices, airdrop listing, ICOs, DApps, and so on. You can also check for Sandbox price prediction 2025 on this site.

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