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5 Easy Tips to Improve your IELTS Listening Score

by Uneeb Khan
IELTS listening

Do you wish to achieve a fundamental improvement in your Listening skills to ace the IELTS Listening exam? If yes, then you need to work hard with patience. Well, undoubtedly, there are some crucial tips that can work wonders for you in elevating your IELTS band score, particularly in the listening section. The IELTS exam, basically an English proficiency assessment testing system, is taken by millions of candidates. The fundamental purpose of this test is to assign bands to the candidates according to their proficiency in the English language. Which non-natives usually use as their proof of English proficiency while submitting an application for jobs and PR requests in foreign countries. 

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Take look at the 5 easy tips mentioned below to improve your IELTS listening score:

Improve your attention

When the recordings will start to play, you must pay undivided attention to the audio so that you can answer the questions correctly. Well, you can only do this if you have practiced for it sincerely. Therefore, during your exam preparation period, listen to the audio on youtube channels, or download them from authentic websites. Then, practice listening to them with undivided attention. Also, the most crucial skill that you have to learn during this is time management. Listen to all the audios actively and get the accurate answer within the limited time.

Get familiar with the pronunciation of words

It is imperative to get familiar with the pronunciation of the words if you want to achieve an excellent IELTS listening score. Improve your familiarity with the pronunciation of the most common words somehow. Try to get to know how a particular word is spoken in the English language or how it sounds. Well, the finest way to improve your familiarity with the pronunciation of the words is through watching movies along with subtitles. Remember, you have to do this so that you can identify the words spoken to you quickly. 

Don’t get stuck on the missed answers

There might be chances when you can miss the answer to a question. In such a situation, don’t focus on finding the answer to that question by playing the entire recording in your mind. Instead, continue to pay undivided attention to the audio playing right at the moment. So that, you can focus on giving the answers to the questions that are asked, not the questions that are missed. This is the key to solving the maximum number of questions during the IELTS listening module. 

Get yourself familiar with the spoken English

In order to ace the IELTS listening section, you must practice getting yourself familiar with spoken English. Well, for this, you have a plethora of opportunities such as watching movies along with subtitles, listening to English songs with lyrics, conversating with google assistant, listening to audiobooks, and news podcasts, etc. This will substantially improve your acquaintance with a number of words and their pronunciations. Therefore, get 45 minutes daily to particularly enhance your familiarity with spoken English. 

Be active

Mostly, candidates get nervous and pay attention to negative thoughts continuously. Which makes them feel tense or dull. Well, your focus on the right thing can help you get an excellent IELTS listening score. Focus on listening to the audio playing right at the moment with an attentive mind. Well, that is the first job you have to do while appearing for the IELTS listening section. Actively listen to the audio playing to you and listen to them completely to write the accurate answer. Also, even if you are practicing to improve your familiarity with spoken English then, listening with an active and fresh mind can help you improve your spelling, grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. 

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The 5 tips mentioned above can help you upgrade your performance in the IELTS listening section extensively. In addition to this, remember the fact that your ability to maintain undivided attention can help you excel in the IELTS listening section.

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