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A Guide To Wix Website Speed Optimization

by Uneeb Khan
A Guide To Wix Website Speed Optimization

Optimizing the speed of your website requires effort. To improve your website’s rating and speed, you must do several tasks. Assume you’re looking for a product, and the store you’re searching for is gone. It will sever your confidence and curiosity in the store. 

The same thing happens when a visitor searches for a product similar to yours and clicks on your website, which takes time to load. It will irritate them and cause them to quit your site immediately. 

Wix is a similar web platform that assists companies in creating, managing, and increasing their online presence. Wix does not only assist with shop design; it also assists the business in managing inventory, sales, and other aspects. As a result, if you have a Wix store and are seeking strategies for Wix website speed optimization, we are here for you.

In this blog, we will explore how to boost Wix store loading speed.

Strategies To Improve Wix Website Loading Speed

These are the techniques to enhance your Wix page loading speed. 

Optimize Images: 

Resize and compress images before uploading them to your website. Large images can slow down your site, so use tools to make them smaller without losing quality. Tools like Tinypng are free to use and easily compress the size of your website visuals. 

Minimize HTTP Requests: 

Reduce the number of elements on your pages, like images, scripts, and stylesheets, because these elements impact the speed of your Wix store. Each element requires a separate HTTP request, which can add up and slow down your site. 

Add Browser Caching: 

Set up caching rules so that elements of your website are stored in visitors’ browsers. This means returning visitors don’t have to re-download everything, and they can easily view the downloaded content. With browser caching, you can improve user experience by showing them your website content quickly. 

Use Content Delivery Networks: 

CDNs store copies of your website on servers in different locations; thus, when a user accesses your site, the CDN serves the content from the nearest server, reducing loading times. By implementing CDN on your Wix store, you can reduce the time your website takes to cover the long path on the network. 

Optimize Wix Apps and Widgets: 

You must be careful of the apps and widgets you add to your site. Some might be resource-heavy and slow down your website. Choose only the essential ones and disable unnecessary features. Regularly check the apps and plugins you have downloaded to your website and remove the ones that you don’t need. 

Compress JavaScript, CSS, and HTML Files: 

Smaller files load faster, so use online tools to minify your CSS, JavaScript, and HTML files. By minifying the files, you can improve their loading speed. Additionally, combine the large-size files into one file. By compressing their size, you can contribute to Wix store speed optimization. 

Favor Above-the-Fold Content: 

Load the most critical content first, ensuring visitors see the essential parts of your website quickly, even if other elements take a bit longer to load. With above-the-fold content, you can give your consumer something to see rather than nothing. 

Use Wix Mobile Editor: 

Use Wix’s mobile editor to ensure your website looks good and functions well on smartphones and tablets. Mobile optimization is crucial for faster loading on mobile devices. Wix store provides you with the feature to make your store easily load on mobile devices. 

Limit the Use of Animations: 

While animations can make your site visually appealing, too many or overly complex animations can slow down your website. Thus, use them wisely and consider simpler alternatives to heavy animations. By limiting the use of animations on your Wix store, you can improve its page loading speed. 

Optimize Fonts: 

Stick to web-safe fonts that are readily available on most devices. Additionally, limit the number of different font styles and weights to reduce the number of font files that need to be loaded. Optimize all the fonts on your website and use the one that is simple to read and understand. 

Regularly Update Your Website: 

Wix frequently releases updates and improvements for their website users. So, keep your website and all its components up-to-date to benefit from the latest performance enhancements. Check for updates and instantly modify your current store with new and advanced features. 

Monitor Third-Party Integrations: 

If you use third-party integrations like social media widgets, ensure they don’t impact your website’s loading speed. Some scripts can be optimized or loaded to prevent delays. 

It also implements lazy loading for images and videos; this technique ensures that media files are only loaded when they are about to become visible to the user, reducing initial page load time.


Therefore, in this blog, we have explained multiple website load time optimization techniques for your Wix store. By compressing the visuals, reducing the HTTP requests, adding CDN, enabling browser caching, and more, you can boost Wix store loading speed.

Also, for fast improvement and fitment of Core Web Vitals, you can use page speed optimization tools, like Website Speedy, a SaaS-based software known for optimizing the online store’s loading speed above all Wix.

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