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A Study of the Curriculum and Teaching Methods of an International School

by Uneeb Khan
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International schools provide teachers and students various advantages and chances regarding educational practices and teaching approaches. You should seek admission for your child in international schools in Noida that offers a unique curriculum that is primarily inquiry-based rather than the conventional approach to teaching kids.

Following are a few examples of how international boarding schools in Noida differ from other schools in terms of pedagogical traditions and teaching methods:

A Few Examples Of How International Boarding Schools In Noida Differ From Other Schools

A Distinctive Curriculum

International schools offer a unique curriculum that is primarily inquiry-based instead of the conventional approach to educating kids. Inquiry-based learning teachers may ensure their students are proficient in academics, personal skills, and overall growth. This contrasts with the typical demanding curriculum offered at other educational institutions.

Teachers assist pupils in studying the fundamentals and essential learning principles simultaneously, such as a recurring daily schedule, a planned approach to studying, and the capacity to grow academically and emotionally.

Smaller class sizes and more one-on-one teacher interaction

CAIE syllabus institutions feature smaller batch sizes than most private and public schools. As a result, every student can speak with their teachers whenever necessary to clear up any misunderstandings, address any difficulties, or ask questions. Children feel respected, comfortable, and heard in the classroom when they receive personal interactions and additional support. Also, read about the school admission in Noida.

It has been shown that students become more interested and less hesitant to ask their teachers for assistance when their grades rise. Teachers have more time and opportunity to learn about the unique needs of each student and can collaborate with them to develop.

Educator Specialisation for International Schools

The majority of teachers at foreign schools receive in-depth training to help them comprehend the diverse curriculum that the institution uses. They are also trained to use new technology to improve the audio-visual quality of the classroom experience. All international schools have installed smart boards, reactive portable boards, and internet research and presentation tools. 

The opportunity to learn new languages

English is typically used as the primary language of instruction at foreign schools. However, additional languages are taught and used for communication because of the diverse backgrounds of both the instructors and the students. The majority of teachers at international schools are multilingual native speakers. 

The best international boarding schools encourage staff members to speak two languages and educate their students in many languages. Both foreign languages like French and German, as well as many indigenous Indian languages, are included in this. 

Exposure to a variety of International Ethnicities

An international school employs teachers from a diverse range of cultures and ethnicities. They interact with one another while teaching and learn a lot about various teaching techniques, travel experiences, and solutions to difficulties encountered in daily life.

Promoting Students’ Lifelong Learning

An international school based its approach to education on the notion that pupils should learn not just the material they are learning but also how to live a happy and healthy life. Teaching should also promote independence, critical and analytical thinking, a problem-solving methodology, and a collaborative work style. Projects like the extended essay and theory of knowledge are crucial components of the curriculum in international schools because of this.

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