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Avoid These Mistakes During Linksys Extender Setup

by Alessia Fernandez
Linksys re6500 setup

Extender’s Improper Placement

One of the most common mistakes that almost every user makes is choosing the wrong placement for your extender. It is quite mandatory to place the extender in its best location or near the router during your Linksys re6500 setup. So that it can receive strong internet signals and make a stable connection with the router. 

So, avoid placing the extender too far from the router but not closer to the electrical appliances. Apart from that, don’t place it behind or near the thick walls that can act as barriers in signal transmission. However, you can change the location of your extender after setup.

Neglecting The Manual Guide

The manual setup guide is a hub of information on your Linksys extender that covers every basic detail. Such as the default login credentials, web/IP address, some setup instructions, and product overview of your extender. But, it is also a major mistake that you skip reading the guide right before moving to the Linksys re6700 setup. So, don’t skip the point to ignore the manual guide as this can help you a lot during the setup.

Not Resetting The Extender

Prior to starting the setup process, you might not reset the extender and that can surely create errors further. That’s why to avoid them, you must reset the settings of the extender if you made them earlier. Failing to reset can lead to setup conflicts while you perform the process. So, reset the extender using its reset button and make sure the extender is in the factory default state now. 

Using Faulty Details Of Extender

Another neglecting point is that you use the extender’s details in a wrong pattern including login and web/IP address. To access the setup window, you need to search for the web/IP address, and for login, you need to use the default login details. But, it is mandatory to use and insert them without any spelling and numeric mistakes. 

So that, there will be no issue while accessing the window and logging into your extender. Here the web address of Linksys is extender.linskys.com and the IP is Whereas, the default username and password of the extender will be admin. 

Ignoring The Compatibility Of Devices

For a hassle-free setup, it is necessary to have and use compatible devices such as your extender, router, and WiFi-enabled device. Although the Linksys extender comes with better compatibility that can connect with every router. But, your router must be compatible enough to make a successful connection with the extender. More than that, try to choose a device that has a compatible web browser. 

Misconfigured Settings Of Network

As you reach the setup window, you need to configure various settings of your extender from there. That includes network name, password, bandwidth channels, frequency bands, and many other preferences. So, while configuring them, double-check the steps you followed and the changes you made. Additionally, don’t forget to follow the on-screen setup directions in the right sequence which can lead to setup failure. 

Points After The Setup

When you are done with the setup use these “Avoid these mistakes during Linksys wifi extender setup” Use some after setup changes points. Which will help you to get the most out of your extender network. 

Skipping Security Measures

After completing the setup, you must change its network SSID name and password for its safety purposes. But, you might not be aware of this point and as a result, did not apply this step to your network. So, it is advisable to perform this process from the web interface right after configuring your extender. Try to set a strong password for the network, enable the WPA3 security encryption, and click on the save button. This will help the extender to perform effectively without any obstructions. 

Not Checking The Firmware Updates

Linksys manufacturer site often offers the latest firmware updates for its devices which plays a major role in improving their performances. Obviously, not updating the firmware of your device can cause some serious issues in its performance and connectivity. So, when you see a new version of the firmware on the web setup portal, update that immediately. Then, don’t skip to reboot the extender after executing this process. 

Thus, these are the points covering the “Avoid these mistakes during the Linksys extender setup” topic. Also, you can use the valuable points after the setup as mentioned above. In case you need more help with the same or another issue, contact our technical experts carefreely. They will guide you with relevant solutions at every step of the process.

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