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Cannabis Edible Packaging Machines: An In-Depth Guide

by Uneeb Khan
cannabis edible packaging

Cannabis items that have been packed and labeled properly keep everyone safe you, the product, and your clients. In addition to providing a location for the label, which lists the ingredients and other necessary regulatory information. The cannabis edible packaging protects the food from contamination.

By adhering to packaging and labeling laws, you can defend yourself against responsibility and the risk of injury to your consumers. The packaging and labeling of your cannabis product must effectively convey crucial information to your clients. This tutorial will detail how to adhere to all rules and specifications for your retail cannabis items.

Types of Cannabis Edible Packaging Machine

The market offers a wide range of cannabis packaging automation alternatives. Your package format will determine the recommended machine type in large part. For this essay, we are investigating flexible cannabis edible packaging machine choices, such as bags, stick packs, and pouches. So let’s get started now:

Stick Pack Machine

A stick-pack machine is a bagmaker that creates thin stick-pack bags, fills them precisely with goods, and seals them shut. It functions similarly to a VFFS machine. A stick pack machine has many lanes and creates more than one package every cycle, which is the primary distinction.

Stick pack equipment produces single-serve, thin pouches. Consider instant coffee or drink mixes. This machine type has high throughput for powder, granular, and liquid goods. It is suitable for specific product lines.

Premade Pouch Packing Machine

The flexible packaging machine type in the cannabis sector that is now expanding at the fastest rate is the prepared pouch packing machine. Cannabis businesses adore the automated pouch packaging equipment. Because it gives prefabricated packs a high-end, small-batch appearance.

This device uses readymade bags that have already been shaped into end pouches to fill and seal them. The bags are loaded into a holding area by an operator, which the machine then uses to pick up each pouch. Fill it precisely with the cannabis product, seal it, and then release the bag.

Form Fill Seal Machine

Since they shape bags from a flat roll of packaging film. Fill those bags precisely with the product, and seal them shut, form-fill-seal machines are similar to bagmakers. These machines may be set up to package either horizontally or vertically.

Fastpacking speeds may be achieved with vertical form fill seal machines. They function well for narrowly focused cannabis product lines with minimal variance. Despite this, many of our clients create a variety of bag sizes on a single VFFS machine. While still simple, these machines require more technical knowledge than a machine for prepared pouches.

Advantages of Packaging Automation for Cannabis

Most expanding firms arrive where you are now: Your hand-packing method is not only unable to keep up with the demand but also costly and ineffective. Automated packing systems can be useful in the following ways:

Bid to time-consuming, non-scalable manual operations

The least accurate or efficient packagers are people. We are sluggish, prone to errors, drop items, and need breaks. Packaging machines repeatedly produce the same product until you tell them to stop.

They are accurate, dependable, and quick. Additionally, you may invest in one machine that can advance your business to a level humans have never been able to reach. Rather than adding additional employees.

An improved illustration of your brand

The old “clear plastic baggie” won’t work anymore. Cannabis edible Packaging is crucial in a cutthroat market. It must be excellent because this is the customer’s first experience with your goods.

Since cannabis is a high-value product, consumers can detect when packaging is of bad quality. Thus you can’t afford to appear unprofessional. Your brand will always be well-represented by the premium-looking product that packaging automation regularly delivers.

Automated cannabis packaging considerations

Coffee and perishable food products are two businesses that frequently employ modified atmosphere packaging. To keep the contents fresh, MAP produces or maintains a certain combination of gases within a packaging. Cannabis’ THC cannabinoids oxidize when exposed to oxygen, transforming them into CBN cannabinoids.

Products become less effective, potent, and of lower quality. Utilizing a MAP technique called gas flush, which fills a package with safe nitrogen gas before closing it, is one option to stop oxidation. Longer shelf life is the consequence as the bulk of the oxygen is displaced.

Date & Lot Codes

Several cannabis producers have followed similar packaging standards for consumer packaged goods. This contains tracking and identification data such as expiration dates, lot numbers, and packing dates. Most packing machines are easily configurable to include a printer that handles these tasks automatically.

Child-Resistant Closures

State and international regulations regarding child-resistant cannabis packaging closures differ. Whether it is necessary or not, the majority of businesses choose the greatest degree of security.

This is excellent practice and ensures that should the regulations change, you won’t have to pay for a costly package redesign. Inform the equipment maker that automated packing machines can easily handle child-resistant closures on packages.


Despite having certain similarities to the pharmaceutical sector, it has its own set of particular difficulties and limitations. Since the market is always changing. Cannabis businesses and their supporting partners must be creative and adaptable to stay up with the industry’s fast change. For this, you need packaging equipment that can specifically meet the niche of your cannabis package.

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