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Explore Pakistan’s Best Goods Elevator and Cargo Freight Elevator Services

by Uneeb Khan

Cargo freight elevators efficiently transport large quantities of goods and materials between different levels. They are typically more extensive and heavy-duty than passenger elevators and can handle the weight and bulk of cargo.

Uses of cargo lift system

At airports, cargo freight elevators move luggage and other cargo between the terminal and the planes. You can also use them to transport cargo between different levels of a warehouse or storage facility. In other busy places, such as hospitals and factories, cargo freight elevators can move equipment and supplies between floors.

Cargo freight elevators can save time and labor by allowing large quantities of goods to be moved quickly and easily between different levels. They help to reduce the risk of injury to workers, who may otherwise have to lift and carry heavy loads manually.

Freight elevators are designed to move materials and goods throughout a building. Compared to passenger lifts, freight cars travel at slow speeds, are designed to withstand stricter working conditions, and can carry much heftier loads,

Freight elevators actively function with vertical opening doors. It includes a heavy steel floor, steel wall panels, and a reinforced gate.

Places where you’ll most likely see freight elevators:

  • Automobile showrooms
  • Warehouses
  • Residential areas
  • Retail spaces

Classes of Cargo Freight Elevators

If you need a freight elevator, diverse classifications elaborate the maximum capacity and permit loading processes.

General Freight Loading (Class A)

This freight class is the inspiration for distributed loads where the weight of each item is at most a quarter of the elevator capacity. The load is handled on and off the car platform with hand trucks or manually.

Motor Vehicle Loading (Class B)

A freight elevator classified under Class B helps to transport vehicles.

Industrial Truck Loading (Class C1)

With Class C1, freight elevators are used for four-wheel vehicles to load and unload from the elevator.

However, the combined weight of the load can and the vehicle be equal to the rated capacity. The cab used to load and unload cargo can remain in the elevator while it’s still operational.

Industrial Truck Loading (Class C2)

Class C2 freight elevators enable a maximum load of up to 150% of the rated capacity on the platform. Such kind of elevator can be helpful for a forklift to load a car with freight weighing near the rated capacity. The lift truck or forklift is removed from the elevator before using it.

Class C3: Diverse Forms of Industrial Truck Loading

We often use t to transport loads with a similar weight to the maximum capacity of the elevator.

You may find the following types of Cargo Freight lifts in Pakistan.

– Hydraulic lifts

– Mine lifts

– Cantilever lifts

– Double mast lifts

– Platform lifts

Hydraulic Cargo Lifts

People have been using lifting equipment since ancient times. But hydraulic lifts have become available precisely thanks to technological development, greatly simplifying most construction and loading processes.

The hydraulic construction hoist was mainly helpful in mines previously. Nowadays, operations need hydraulics in almost every type of lifting job.

Suppose you need to unload goods and place them in warehouses, in agriculture, for transportation or repair of goods, and in various industrial fields or mining operations. Therefore, the production of hydraulic lifts is considered one of the most popular areas. Also, the price of hydraulic lifts depends on their technical indicators but may include the cost of additional equipment:

  • Sliding grates or rolling shutters.
  • External mesh fencing ensures the working area’s safety around the lift.
  • Fence-loading platform structures of various types. They are installing all places of each loading and unloading also.
  • Doors installation through which unloading or loading processes take place.

Mine Cargo Lifts

Mine hoists used if there is a need for vertical movement of goods between floors or to a certain height. They get installed, as a rule, outside the building and close to external influences with the help of a fence attached to the mine. In this case, the upper part of the shaft has a canopy.

Thus, installing a mine freight elevator occurs at no additional cost, usually associated with constructing an external enclosure.

Due to their versatility and excellent operational characteristics, mine-type freight elevators are commonly used in agriculture and industrial sectors.

Cantilever Cargo Lifts

Vertical movement of goods is only possible with unique lifting mechanisms. The lifts may differ in type depending on the carrying capacity and cargo dimensions.

One of the most economical types of lifts is cantilever freight lifts, the hallmark of which is the cargo platform’s low carrying capacity and small dimensions. Their use is optimally suited for loading from different sides, except for the one that borders the carrier mast.

Also, the price of cantilever lifts is significantly lower compared to mine or twin-mast charges with identical parameters.

Therefore, experts recommend the installation of cantilever lifts for lifting goods in the floor openings of small rooms and mezzanines and replacing obsolete freight elevators after dismantling them using ready-made elevator shafts.

Double Cargo Lifts

To move goods to a certain height in the vertical direction, the use of special lifting equipment is necessary. Construction situations often arise when carrying a cargo of larger dimensions is essential.

In such cases, double mast lifts are the best choice. The installation of double mast-type lifting equipment is optimally suited for indoor use. It can be carried out in openings and ceilings and is free after dismantling obsolete freight elevators of the mine.

Along with this, the installation of double-masted forklifts is appropriate when moving goods of large dimensions and mass. Still, there is no possibility of the use of cantilever single-mast lifts. The freight elevator equipment may include loading platforms from several different sides.

Platform Lifts

One of the modifications of cargo lifting mechanisms is platform lifts. This type of lifting device caters for workshops. The mass of which corresponds to the technical capabilities of the equipment.

The main difference between platform-type lifts from other similar devices is to equip them with a particular loading platform instead of the traditional loading cage.

In addition, the life equipment includes a particular balancing system, which is responsible for the correct horizontal position of the platform with the load, regardless of the location of the transport cargo.

A feature of installing a platform-type freight elevator is its simplicity and cost-effectiveness: the device is mounted directly on the elevator shaft. It does not require the construction of a different frame.

Platform cargo lifts equipped with a platform are more versatile than other similar mechanisms, making loading possible from all four sides.

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