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HR Software: Meaning, Must-Have Features, And Benefits 

by Uneeb Khan

Gone are the days when HR managers spent most of their time juggling with piles of documents and files. Of late, things have completely changed. Today, we are living in an automation era where anything and everything can be done in just a few clicks. 

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It is no news that the coronavirus pandemic has accelerated a process that had already begun several years ago – that of the transition of the workforce to a digital model. As every business in India struggled to continue business-as-usual while working remotely, it is HR that came to the fore as the agile department keeping the engine going. Whether it was a virtual employee engagement mechanism to host digital events for the workforce or the use of automated tools, HR has made significant strides towards the ‘always-on’ mode that is the hallmark of business in the digital age. 

Not to forget, technology has now become an essential element for almost every industry. More and more businesses are leaving manual tools behind and implementing HR software lately. 

Looking at the increasing demand for HR systems, we believe that every working individual should have a clear understanding of such software. So, let’s dive into the blog and learn more about them. 

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HR systems are digital solutions that are particularly designed to assist HR executives to manage and optimize routine human resources operations. In simpler words, they take the administrative burden off HR managers’ shoulders. 

Must-Have Features 

Not every HR software in the market gives the desired results to an organization. For that, one should invest in a system that comes with the following features: 

Employee Self-Service 

Employee self-service or ESS feature is a must-have feature in an HR system. It provides autonomy to employees to do a lot of easy tasks on their own. From checking their attendance to downloading their payslips, ESS aid employees to do several things without having to disturb HRs. 

Cloud-Based System 

Many people presume that databases on a virtual and shared platform are not safe; however, it is not true. In fact, cloud-based HR software is safer than normal ones. They work under high protection, they follow a security process, and the codes and passwords are created with great precision. Besides, information is shared in encrypted form in such systems and there is a continuous update that further ensures that there is no threat along the way.

Shared Database

An HR system is incomplete without the shared database feature. It allows employees to edit their own details anytime, anywhere. This in turn allows companies to ensure the accuracy of their data and even eliminate the employees’ dependency on others. 

Fully-Automated Interface 

A fully automatic HR system makes processes easier and fast. From auto-generating salary slips to sending timely alerts, such systems allow HR managers to carry out a host of tedious tasks in a matter of minutes. 


If a company get its hands on a system with all the aforementioned features, it can acquire the following advantages in the long run: 

Saved time 

Since HR software requires a bare minimum of human intervention, HR managers can save a large chunk of time. The saved time and energy can be invested into other vital operations. 

Boosted Efficiency

When it comes to manual methods of human resource management, HRs usually get exhausted and burned out by the end of every day. Fortunately, HR systems help HRs to be their best selves and maintain their productivity levels along the way. 

Saved Money 

When companies receive timely alerts and notifications regarding vital rules, they can automatically avoid various unnecessary fines and penalties. Also, implementing HR software is way cheaper than any other technology. 

That is it. 

This is everything you need to know about HR software. So, make sure you implement a system with features such as ESS and a shared database. For companies that seek to support their HR departments by going digital will in many ways benefit in the coming times.

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