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Is Game Development A Good Career? (Pros and Cons)

by Uneeb Khan

Hello Developers, If you want to know, is game development a good career, or should you make your living in game development?

This post will help you to understand the scope of the gaming industry and we’ll highlight some significant pros and cons of this industry career.

So without wasting your time, Let’s expose all the facts and myths about game development.

Game Development Scope and Future:

Did you know that? around 3 billion people play video games worldwide, and most of them are from India and America.

I know sounds surprising and unbelievable. But it’s a fact. The report of DFC intelligence confirms that almost 3 billion people in the world play and enjoy video games.

And the trend of playing games will continuously grow in the future as a result every well-known game development company will boost their growth and offer good career opportunities to their employees.

Game Developer and Designer’s Respobibltites:

Video game developers often referred to as game developers, are in charge of creating video games for PCs, consoles, and mobile devices. Their task is to develop the fundamental engine based on the design team’s concepts. Character design, level design, animation, and unit testing are all possibilities.

Performing in the gaming market is one of the most gratifying jobs globally. Still, it’s also one of the most difficult, requiring a unique set of abilities and even personality to succeed.

Here is the overview of the most common tasks have to perform by a Game Programmer and Designer:

  • A programmer has to know how game engines like Unreal Engine 4 or Unity will help you to create responsive 3D applications for PC and mobile devices.
  • Converting design concepts into playable game code
  • Game Developers are also compatible to work with the other game engine-compatible technologies, such as AR/VR/MR.
  • Programmers should know well how to troubleshoot and fix bugs
  • Designing and delivering interactive applications in collaboration with design professionals

Pros and Cons of Game Development:

We are going to discuss game development pros and cons that will help you to decide whether should you make or not your career in this field.

Pros of Game Development:

  • Your earning potential will be determined by your programming and creative abilities.
  • Many IT sectors have adopted a work-from-home attitude, and game developer organizations have also allowed their staff to work flexibly.
  • Almost every youngster adopts gaming as a hobby after playing a variety of games throughout childhood. It doesn’t get any better than turning your passion into a career.
  • After you’ve gained the necessary skills and knowledge, you can apply to corporations like Microsoft, Tencent, Sony, and others.
  • A game creator is free to be as inventive as they want to be.
  • To create the game, developers might use a variety of computer languages, algorithms, and logic.
  • There are online courses available that can be used to master game creation methods and create a side business.

Cons of Game Development:

  • There are no set working hours because the job is contingent on the project you’re working on, which means your leisure time will be impacted.
  • Programming and debugging are not for everyone, because game development demands a great deal of dedication and many hours of work.
  • To be a good game developer, you’ll need a lot of skills, knowledge of different programming languages, and years of experience.
  • If you work for one of the big gaming firms, you won’t be able to employ your imagination because you’ll be working on pre-made elements.
  • Once a bug has been introduced into the code, debugging it takes patience and time.
  • Because of the fierce rivalry in the gaming industry, you must update your game on a regular basis.

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How can we choose game development as a career?

There is a core requirement that applicants must meet, just as there is for any other job. Likewise, there is a prerequisite for game developers, which extends together all way to higher education. As a result of the increased demand for gaming, most technical academic institutions have begun offering specialized degree programs such as Bachelor Of technology in Visual effects and Gaming, Certificate in motion graphics, Science degree in interactive media and visual effects, Diploma of Design in Animation, M.sc in Gaming, and others. In addition, some institutes have begun offering online courses in this field. This demonstrates why game creation is a viable career option. It’s possible that there’s greater money outside of this industry. However, it is the desire to work in the game development area that motivates new programmers to pursue it as a career.

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