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St. Louis Home Inspections Made Easy: Trusted Professionals at Your Service

by Uneeb Khan
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Buying a home is one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make. That’s why it’s so important to have a professional home inspection done before finalizing any real estate transaction. At St. Louis Home Inspection, our licensed and certified home inspectors make the process easy and worry-free. With over 25 years of experience, we are the trusted experts to guide you through this important step.

Our Inspectors Are Highly Trained and Experienced

Our home inspectors have extensive training and backgrounds in construction, engineering, architecture, and real estate. We are licensed inspectors who adhere to strict industry standards and codes of ethics. When we inspect your next home, you can be confident that nothing will be overlooked.

In addition to examining all physical aspects of the property, our inspectors are also trained to look for:

  • Structural issues like cracked foundations or shifting walls
  • Roof and attic problems like leaks, ventilation issues, or damaged rafters
  • Plumbing leaks, low water pressure, rust, and other problems
  • Electrical issues like outdated panels, exposed wiring, and tripped circuits
  • HVAC issues like low cooling output, leaks, or faulty heat exchangers
  • Pest infestation and conducive conditions for termites, ants, etc.

A Thorough Inspection You Can Trust

Your home inspection will be completed by a qualified professional who will take the time to thoroughly evaluate your next home. We inspect all areas of the house and provide a detailed report.

Some key areas we will inspect include:

  • Foundation – check for cracks, moisture issues, bracing, etc.
  • Framing – examine walls, floors, and ceilings for structural defects
  • Roof – inspect shingles, flashing, attic ventilation, rafters, sheathing
  • Plumbing – check water pressure, drain function, leaks, water heater, pipes
  • Electrical – test outlets, inspect panel, wiring, grounding, circuit labels
  • Appliances – assess the age, function, and overall condition of built-in appliances
  • HVAC – inspect the condition and function of heating and cooling systems
  • Insulation – check for proper insulation and ventilation
  • Doors and windows – test function, examine for damage and wear
  • Walls and ceilings – look for cracks, stains, or other flaws
  • Floors – inspect for level surfaces, decayed wood, cracking, stains

You Receive a Detailed Home Inspection Report

After thoroughly inspecting your next home, we provide a full home inspection report detailing any issues or areas of concern. This easy-to-understand report gives you peace of mind before finalizing the transaction. It will describe any recommended repairs and flag any significant defects.

The report sections include:

  • Summary page with an overview of the inspection and major findings
  • Detailed report of all items inspected, including photos
  • Recommendations for repairs, safety concerns, or improvements
  • Estimated costs for necessary repairs based on current market rates
  • Appendices with supplemental information like local code standards

Your assigned inspector will take the time to review the entire report with you and answer any questions. As home inspection professionals, we are looking out for YOUR best interests.

Choose St. Louis Home Inspections for Your Next Transaction

Our inspectors have the experience, training, and professionalism to provide thorough home inspections our clients can truly rely on. We take pride in giving home buyers the objective, comprehensive analysis they need to make a major investment decision.

Some key benefits of choosing us include:

  • Fully licensed and certified home inspectors
  • Comprehensive inspection of all home systems and components
  • Detailed reports with photos, repair estimates, and recommendations
  • Available for pre-listing inspections to inform sellers of any issues
  • Insured and bonded for your peace of mind
  • Competitive rates and financing options available

Don’t leave such an important step to chance. Our locally-owned company has spent over two decades building a reputation as the most trusted home inspector in the St. Louis area. We go above and beyond to inspect your next home with a level of detail and expertise that gives you confidence before signing on the dotted line.

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