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What are the advantages of digital signage?

by Uneeb Khan
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Like every year, we dive a little earlier into the holiday season. Indeed in the current context, both commercially and psychologically, we feel the need to turn to this period of festivity. Consumers and traders are therefore looking forward to the last quarter of 2021. 

The communication and visibility of shops will also be one of the first vectors of this festive atmosphere. While for 2 years digital has taken a much more important place in our lives, what role will dynamic display have to play in-store communication at the end of the year?  Why screens can be an effective communication solution to set you apart.


After a lackluster Christmas 2020, the COVID 19 crisis will have upset our consumption habits.  The sector most concerned is that of e-Commerce. In July 2021, there was a 24% increase in online sales compared to before the pandemic. One can therefore wonder what share will occupy in-store purchases this year.

However, according to a survey conducted by  Criteo, it has been shown that physical stores are involved in up to 33% of the discovery of purchased products. Indeed, after search engines, stores are the second source of product discovery. 

Moreover, compared to the web, they have an undeniable advantage, that of immediacy. At present when we are always looking for more speed and to minimize delivery costs, stores are an ideal solution, especially with click & collect systems. This immediacy of in-store purchases is, therefore, a major advantage, especially for last-minute purchases.

Finally, beyond that, the stores more than the web contribute to conveying the magic of the holidays. Festive decoration, background music, and targeted communication are all elements that help attract customers and generate an atmosphere conducive to shopping.


With the stakes of the holidays, companies will compete with communication campaigns to attract the attention of consumers. But this year, even more than the previous year, the video will have a key role in these campaigns. Still, according to  Criteo, nearly 6 out of 10 consumers are looking for products or services they have seen on video. 

The video is invited not only directly to the consumer through ads, but also in stores. It thus contributes to the establishment of omnichannel communication. Moreover, at the point of sale, in addition to ensuring the promotion of the product or service, it participates in the festive atmosphere. Thanks to the video format, it is possible to energize in-store communication to make it evolve with the lines of the season and thus improve the customer relationship.


Digital signage includes all on-screen communication solutions inside and outside a store. Two main tools are used, LCD monitors and LED screens, to which digital totems are occasionally added.

The major advantage of in-store screens is to allow the broadcasting of video and therefore to benefit from its qualities, mentioned above. They, therefore, fit perfectly into an omnichannel communication strategy for the holiday season.

In addition, thanks to their dynamism and their luminosity, these screens generate a real power of attraction that is well established. Thus, they make it possible to stand out from competitors during this popular holiday season.

This support, therefore, makes it possible to link the web and the physical purchase. This is why with the trend of this year 2021, digital signage is now an essential communication tool.

Finally, beyond visibility, screens are also a practical asset. Indeed, it is an easy solution to update. They thus make it possible to reduce the production of communication media and are a solution that lasts over time. 

Digital signage is therefore not only an effective tool during the holidays but also all year round while being consistent with the current desire for more sustainable solutions.  

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